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ESG was the issue most often mentioned in the public filings of beverage-alcohol companies in the second quarter of the year, data shows.

In the three months to the end of June, the topic was cited more than 6,000 times, figures from GlobalData, Just Drinks’ parent, suggest.

GlobalData’s Company Filings Analytics database studies filings released by businesses across multiple sectors. These filings include financial results, investor presentations and annual reports.

The research and intelligence group brings out underlying trends, including which issues are most often cited.

During the second quarter, ESG led the way, with the environment second and governance third.

Word cloud of ESG-related issues in alcohol companies’ filings, Q2 2023. Credit: GlobalData
Word cloud of ESG-related issues in alcohol companies’ filings, Q2 2023. Credit: GlobalData

Digging into the companies that most cited ESG in the quarter, China Resources Beer headed the pack, followed by baijiu distiller ZJLD Group and Turkish brewer Anadolu Efes.

Among the major pieces of ESG-related regulation passed in the second quarter was a new EU law on deforestation. Companies will only be allowed to sell products in the EU if the supplier of the underlying ingredients has issued a due diligence statement confirming their commodities do not come from deforested land or have led to forest degradation since 31 December 2020.

Last week, NGO The Carbon Disclosure Project warned the biggest players in the food and agriculture sectors could lose $150bn in value if they fail to implement no-deforestation/conversion policies.

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