Martin Lewis sparks debate over cheese guacamole as fans say he’s ‘lost his mind’

Martin Lewis sparked outrage online after he shared how he makes his guacamole.

For those who don’t know, guacamole is an avocado-based dip that’s often paired with crips, added to salads or topped on toast.

But the 48-year-old money-saving expert decided to change up the ingredients in the traditional Mexican dish.

Martin shared a picture of the dip in the making on his Twitter, where he wrote: “There is something particularly satisfying about making fresh #guacamole for lunch (I normally add a little tomato but I didn’t have any).”

In the blender was avocado, garlic, onion and a mysterious white triangle.

“PS and yes that is a cheese triangle, it works!” he revealed.

A second snap showed that he added a drizzle of fresh lime juice, and paired the dip with tortilla chips.

But fans were outraged by the cheesy addition as it went against the traditional recipe.

One person said: “He’s lost his mind. You do not put Dairylea in guacamole, and it should be chunky, not fit for papering walls. This man knows money but knows nothing of nachos.”

Another wrote: “I came here to ask your advice… I’m so glad I didn’t need a recipe… triangle cheese… Are you sure you can’t taste it at the end?”

“Awww Marty mate, you’re missing some key ingredients. RED onion, black pepper, coriander, a little chilli. Did you add lime juice? And never ever blend man! Should be chunky! Not smooth!” suggested a third.

But not everyone was opposed to the extra addition, as someone else put: “Thanks for posting this Martin, I’ve not had guacamole for a while, I shall add avocados to my shopping list this afternoon.”

Another fan also asked martin to share his recipe.