My pregnant colleague keeps telling people I’m the father of her baby – but I’m not’

A young man claims to have found himself in an awkward situation at work, after discovering his pregnant colleague had been telling people he is the father of her baby.

According to the unnamed man, the co-worker says she was only joking, but now some of the other employees have started to think it’s true – even though he’s been in a committed relationship with someone else for the last five years.

He explained all in a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, saying he’d confronted the woman about the lie and she got upset with him for “embarrassing” her in front of everyone at work.

Now he’s not sure if he was in the wrong, or what to do about it next.

The anonymous post reads: “I work at this small shop and I’ve known my friend for almost two years. She likes to joke that we’re work spouses because we always work the same shifts and get along. She doesn’t say it all the time so it didn’t bother me before.

“She got pregnant five months ago and I guess she’s planning on doing it on her own. But a couple months ago she started making jokes that I’m her baby’s daddy.

“She said something like, ‘B***h move your baby mama needs that seat’.

“She made a few more jokes like that or asking me to make myself useful to help her with stuff at work because she’s carrying my kid. She’s only made a few of these around me and I’ve told her to stop bull****ting.

“One time I was closing up with [another co-worker] and she goes ‘hey so is it true then?’ Then she says she thought we were just messing around but that [pregnant colleague] was saying we hooked up once and I’m definitely likely the daddy.

“Everyone was starting to wonder now because she’s said it a lot of times when I’m not around. And that’s just not even close to being true. Seriously, WTF. I have a girlfriend that I’ve been with five years.”

He continued to say that the next time he saw the pregnant woman, he confronted her and asked what she’d been telling people.

“She got super upset about it because to her she was just joking around and I don’t have to snap at her,” he recalls.

“But it just made me so mad that she was telling this behind my back. Our other coworkers around us saw so she got all emotional and went to the bathroom. We’re not talking to each other but she has said I was such a d**k for getting mad at her jokes when she wasn’t being serious and embarrassing her in front of everyone.

“Now I don’t know if I was being an a**hole or not.”

More than 500 people have since commented on the Reddit post, with many agreeing that the man was not in the wrong for setting things straight.

One person replied: “This wasn’t a joke. She lied and told people you slept together so they would believe the baby was yours. You need to go and talk to someone in HR immediately and file a report. This isn’t going to go well and you need to have documentation about what has been going on.”

Another wrote: “Her joke could have cost you your relationship!”

A third said: “She’s being inappropriate and creating a hostile work environment.”